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Corruption of Laetitia

Game available for free, don't waiiit : https://kayakoamaya.itch.io/corruption-of-laetitia/comments

Playable on linux with wine (no configuration required, the game will crash sometime, do save regularly !)


Corruption of Laetitia is a story-based RPG that follows the adventure of a spear-wielding heroine raised as a weapon against all evil. …And get betrayed by the light she once served.

I found it was great injustice I couldn't find more about this game : wether discussion, praises, or a wiki about this game. There lay a small tribute to a game I loved !


  • There are basicall 3 ending type I found (good, neutral, evil).
  • There are also 3 love interest (Rilliane, Gaia and Malayna).

Reference : https://kayakoamaya.itch.io/corruption-of-laetitia/devlog/74161/heres-to-another

CGs list

  • Malayna embracing you forcefully (you lost to her)
  • A slime taking you by force (you lost to her)
  • You are injured in a prison (you lost to the guard's village)
  • You warming harpy's eggs (you lost the matriarch)
  • Rilliane taken over by a slime (you meanie !)
  • 2 CG with Gaia
  • 2 CG with Rilliane
  • 1 CG with Malayna

⇒ Wanna take a peek ? https://gnuw.arzinfo.pw/?p=art/jeu/corruption_of_laetitia/cg/

Mean things you can do

  • Kill Rilliane
  • Let Rilliane get abused by a slime
  • Sacrifice Rilliane to the slimes
  • Kill an innocent rando stuck in a bag
  • Kill a hostage children
  • Kill villagers
  • Kill scorpids
  • Kill harpies
  • Raze cities and their citizens (twice)
  • Gobble up a lot of souls
  • Kill your master (amen)
  • Kill an injured defensless soldier
  • Kill cows and sheeps


Things I didn't got to understand until I… Saw the game-files, because some important books are glitched and can't be read ? :(

  • Rilliane has an evil and tragic past she forgot about (you can have a recolection on a book, and in the romance route she talks about a wicked past life).
  • Malayna and Gaia are both formers archangels that lost their status trying to help humanity (you can read it in a book).

A bonus trop can be found (thanks to the creator for spilling a bean I couldn't get on my own !)

As for Riliane, there is in fact more to her but that's hidden behind an Easter egg (As that whole hidden
quest-line is pretty much fanfiction and I was a little embarrassed to make it easy to find)
You will have to have conquered the town of Arowar and found a certain key in the nearby graveyard to
open a very specific door in the city.

Journal entries

They don't necessarly happens in order, and I doubt it'll be that helpful… But I wrote it. So here you go.

0 - You kill the Demon Lord : the end

  • You can beat her or… get beaten and taken by force (CG) !

1 - The Cardinal's betrayal

  • You can let him steal your force and be killed.. Or save yourself !
  • 3 souls

2 - Spare or kill Rilliane

  • You can enrole or kill her (priestess of light and big fan of yours)
  • 1 optionnal souls

3 - Paladin ambush in the tower

  • You can fight for Rilliane's sake, or ask her to support you (relationship)
  • 4 souls
  • You can accept Gaia's (1 CG) help or not

4 - Subjugate the queen of the slime

  • You can betray Rilliane, kill the slime, or befriend
  • 1 CG optionnal
Part of the Romance of Gaia might be lost if you don't come back walking after the slime queen part (get 3 more cute interactions ~ !)

5 - The burglar campement before the village

  • You can rescue a hostage child or kill her (if Rilliane is with you a special event occurs).
  • 3 corpses + 1 optionnal
  • optionnal jeweled hairpin reward

6 - Angelic test : the beginning

  • Requirement : take the upper stairs in the tower and evilness low enough

7 - Meet the matiarch Scherazad

  • You may kill or work with her forward

8 - The matriarch join

  • Mini dungeon where you have to destroy a nasty machine to save the scorpioids (only happen if you chosed to help them)
Small broken bridge leading to treasure ? Use a spear from your inventory to walk on it
A wall seems flimsy ? Lead a slime to it - or use a bomb you'll loot later on

9 - Bridge repaired

  • Triggered by submitting the village by force or by solving the scorpid problem

10 - Jailer encounter in Rilliane's city

  • Let yourself be jailed or fight (relationship)
  • 1 corpse or ~10 optionnal more at least !
  • 1 Rilliane optionnal flashback (if you let yourself be jailed)
  • If Rillian was killed beforhand, a rogue guy takes over (but meh)

11 - War 1 in Rilliane's city

  • RTS style : fight, raze the city, or let Gaia handle it for you

12 - Through the marsh

  • Triggered if you chose to avoid war

13 - 1st evil scene

  • Requirement : have enough evil points
  • The battle feature people you wronged

14 - Your arm teacher

  • You can kill or spare him (not much effect but his anecdotic presence in future events AMEN)

15 - Mana inhibitor destroyed

  • I you don't win, you die ! :<

16 - Malayna join the crew

  • You can choose wether she is welcome or not (relationship)

17 - The harpy deal

  • Play along, be silent or kill harpies

18 - The harpy deal 2

  • Continue toward the final trial or declare war
  • Micro quest about finding a lost egg (super short, small item reward)
  • A few optionnal 5-6 souls

19 - The harpy deal 3

  • You can be endorsed by the harpy, kill them, or be killed
  • 1 optionnal CG on failing
  • 2-3 optinnal corpses

20 - Reunited with Father/morter

  • If angelic only : you get reunited with your relative Aeria Avadona, Archangel of Justice

21 - 2nd evil scene

  • Requirement : have a lot of evil points (triggers when returning from hell)
  • You can accept or deny it
  • One optionnal rad item (a mallevolent spear : Gae Bolg)

22 - Back from hell

  • You have to pick Gaia or Rilliane to stay behind to guard the portal
  • You get to kill a nasty captain
  • 6 corpses + 1 optionnal (if you were evil)

23 - Find allies or kill some soldiers

  • Alraun side : a shop, an additional summon, and a few units
  • Kill soldiers side : lot of souls, lot of supplies

24 - Gaia's flashback

  • Sad story triggered if your romance point is friendly at least :c

25 - Pre-siege

  • Back to your tower (with an item, nothing interesting going on a stroll from there), ask Gaia to start the siege and next chapter !

26 - War2 "the falle of Grunwalt"

  • RTS syle : fight, raze, or let Gaia handle it

27 - Malayna's sacrifice

  • Must go to hell (a skill you just acquired)

28 - Malayna's Sins

  • Sort out 2 sins (choice are wether you care about her or not)

29 - Sleepover at the mannor

  • Nothing special, just go talk to her ! If pools of blood, brace yourself.

30 - Conclusion with Malayna

  • If you had a high level of romance with both Mala and Rilliane, Rilliane get killed and Mala will hate herself for it. Worst ending.
  • If you had a high level of romance for Mala (disregarding for Gaia's), she controls herself and blurt out she loves you
  • If you had a low level of romance for Mala, she controls herself and say that she'll follow as a friend (compatible if you had a high level with Gaia)

31 - Bomber suicid attack

  • If you were in romance with Gaie, you get a special scene (CG)

32 - Chest camp returned

  • You get free stuff in the village for your good deeds (2 free set of armor, fruits, inn coupons…)
  • If you were in romance with Rilliane, some special event triggers there (CG)
Before going to the last trial (exiting the village) don't forget to go back to the tower and check the left door in the portal chamber opened by Scherazad. You get a pool where you can craft unique items there ! The talisman (stored in the room), the knife (from Mala's envy), and the staff of necromancer (from the scropid's quest) can be upgraded.

33 - The wedding

  • If you were in romance with Mala you get a special scene (CG)
  • You get to kill the second (and last) captain
  • If you are a devil, you play with the Cardinal's dead body a bit
  • If you are angelic you got to kill it mercifully


  • On Mala's ending you get a true wedding with her
  • On Rilliane's ending, I forgot ;..;
  • On Gaia's ending, you get a true wedding with her
  • If you were angelic, you get a farm ending
  • If you were evil, you get a hell ending
  • If you were neutral, I forgot ;..;
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