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  • AFK name : Jen Lee Quick
  • Brand : coffeedripstudios
  • Self qualificative : full-time working mom / adoptee

Writer, developer amateur, mom, awesome drawer… She can be self-depreciating - altought it's hard to see anything other than a kind, talented, hardworking person. She shares what she does, cheers and thanks people. And I guess I ideolize her because I've only saw this side of her.

She has a youtube channel and a itch.io account.

I'm definitely not an expert at anything but I figured if an old lady like me can learn and fumble through this process and have fun with it , then anyone who wants to make a game shoukd totally just do it
Creepy lurker lurked

A bit of lurking learnt me she had a priori project she started wanting to adapt to Renpy the 2006/12/27, the project seem to have been halted. I could find a few artwork, it was a BL named Terrabrand.

She disapeared 13 years before coming back for he her first big game Soul Union in 2020 she half finished in 2021. She made an Isekai spinoff “for the heck of it”.

She's also a comic artist : she made Offbeat and Amerimanga.

04/05/2021 : I4M IN LOVE. Somehow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9mhxLG7BYs&t=65s

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