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Better half


- My happiest thought this month was "Thanks god everyone dies eventually !"
- Nice ! That's my happiest thought too ! -

Hue ?- The only magic potion you need is tequila !

> - I'm about thiiiiis close to killing myself...

- Hmm, I see! So you need some help with what ? -

I suggest a rope. It's a classic !


Just pick up the damn laundry, do it !Do it now you piece of shit!! DO IT!!

> Pizza is made that night and it sucks.

The Thius are proud of it anyway.

> Thiu leaves the store happy

Sur he made an ass out of himself yet again.But at this point he has done it so many times, it doesn't really matter anymore.
Together they had and okay-ish, albeit a bit short life.Half-assing everything the whole way through.

> - Look, you spineless little--!

- .................. -

No. Sorry. Disregard that.- ..Okay....Thiu will never, ever disregard that.The word "spineless" is now forever engraved in Thiu's heart.Moving on.

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